Sitting Walls…

Here’s a great way to create a herb garden AND somewhere to sit and enjoy it…

Pick a sunny spot and make a raised border with a surrounding edge about 400-450mm high and around 300-400mm wide. It doesn’t have to be big, just a 600mm square planting area will do. You can use blocks, bricks or a timber frame to make the sides. Fit timber decking or planed timber planks to the top surface of the edge. Plant your favourite herbs in the middle and use the surrounding wall as a seat; when the herbs have grown you can sit and enjoy their scent as you brush against them – as well as picking them to eat!

You can always build one or two sides against an existing wall to make life easier – or you can get us to make you a custom raised border kit…

A sitting wall makes the most of your herb border
A sitting wall makes the most of your herb border

Getting Creative for Autumn

I know it’s still August and it’s still holiday time but it’s beginning to feel just a little like Autumn is on the way… It will soon be time to tidy to tidy up outside, clear out those odd corners and think of new things to do with the garden.

So this autumn we are focussing on how to make best use of your garden: one really useful thing would be to put in a new shed… well, not just a shed; you can buy those from B&Q or one of the many standard shed manufacturers. But how about something a bit different:

– A little eco-space with a cushion and a kettle
– A micro-library where you can relax with your favourite book
– A studio where you can (at last) enjoy your hobby
– Two rooms – one for each of you – linked by a glass porch
– A space with a mezzanine, a view and a woodburning stove

A standard shed would be just a little boring wouldn’t it?

The great thing about having a bespoke structure is that you can really do what you want with the space. Even if your garden has odd shaped corners or a steeply sloping site something can be made to fit.

There are lots of possibilities and we have lots of experience of turning your ideas into reality in all sorts of materials. So start sketching or cutting out pictures of ideas that you like and get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Please also bear in mind that we produce an excellent, bespoke product and it will cost more than a standard shed – but yours will be the only one in the whole world!

Blue shed with trees
A special place…