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All your projects are unique, with unique features; how can we help?

architectual design
industrial product design
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You are looking for a company that:

  • isn’t just a fabricator, isn’t just a joiner, isn’t just a shopfitter...
  • engages with your ideas and pro-actively suggests design and manufacturing solutions
  • can take the hassle out of getting things made and installed
  • takes your brief and gets on with it
  • can detail and manufacture a finished product starting only from your concept sketch
  • makes odd things happen (we do like secret doors)
  • fits new features into awkward spaces, old buildings and difficult sites
  • understands the value of a huge range of materials - and can suggest new ones
  • can engineer the heck out of your project
  • communicates clearly, concisely and doesn’t leave you wondering what’s going on

“Having worked with Makersmith on a few occasions I can say that their design expertise and manufacturing capability is excellent. From fine-tuning my design ideas through to delivering a finished product, they make the process painless. Highly recommended.”

Jack Barber, North Yorkshire

That’s us...

We have worked with built environment projects for 20 years, specialising in architectural features and structures. To put it simply, we know how to deliver what you need.

From a special door latch to an unusual mechanism, a building survey to a helical stair, from small to large projects we will solve your problems and simplify your projects.

Architectural design services example - Passivehaus - Fabrication design

Makersmith were commissioned to carry out the full detail design of a unique new build property constructed to Passivhaus principles. Our role was to integrate structural and thermal designs and produce design and construction information for everything from foundations upwards.

This included developing a cassette system to allow the installation of a wide variety of windows and doors into the building envelope while avoiding thermal bridging and retaining air-tightness. Makersmith overcame some complex interface problems and enabled the project to be constructed exactly as the concept envisaged.

The property also included a heat recovery & ventilation system, four staircases, a solar-thermal roof, a grass roof and a very large and complex arched window construction.

The property was constructed as designed, all the construction details worked as proposed, and it is now an outstanding home.

"Makersmith’s… standards are high, their professionalism is undoubted and we have been impressed by their ability to come up with bespoke solutions."
Jonathan Collingwood, York

You can access the Approved Documents that support the technical parts of the Building Regulations here.

While we aim to offer as many services as possible in-house we partner with several specialists for particular services and you can find their details here:

Source Services Offered Contact
Surveying and Sustainability Services Chartered Building Surveyor – Structural Surveys and Defects Analysis. Planning and Building Regulations
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