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Flexible options for manufacturing your product…


The simplest option is where we have already designed your product and are making it for you as part of a complete design and build package. We’ll design, make and deliver or install it for you. No hassle, it’s all in our hands and we’ll deliver it as promised.


If you need flexibility, then there are a few ways we can help:

1. If you want to manage the manufacture yourself using other suppliers or subcontractors then we can help you with setting up specifications, and manufacturing information. We can also help you set up the processes you’ll need to manage third-party manufacture yourselves.

2. Maybe you want to begin making your product in-house. We can help you set up to do that with advice about suppliers, processes and equipment. There are also the essential systems you need to run production and we can support you as you set these up.

3. Lastly, we can simply make your product for you. One-off custom project or production in quantity, simple or complex, we can deliver your product.

Go to our Manufacturing Process page to see how we work with you to manufacture your product.


We are here to simplify the manufacturing process and make what you need, when you need it.

We give you the capacity to design and build in wood, metal, glass, plastic and many other materials so you can get your designs just right.

You benefit from our own laser cutting and CNC routing processes as well as assembly, finishing and fabrication services. All this gives you a complete solution – in one place.

If you need design services to start the process we can do that too so that you don't have to struggle with concepts and detail.

Our capabilities include:

  • working with sculptural designs
  • creative & display installations
  • plywood and composite board assemblies
  • timber connections, kit and knock-down designs
  • timber engineering
  • structural steel
  • sheet metal, included complex folded parts
  • complex architectural structures
  • mechanical assemblies & equipment
  • fixing and connection systems
  • steel fabrications and assemblies
You can have confidence in us – we have around 40 years combined experience of designing and making and are experts at applying technology to make what you want.

Has Bean Coffee

As part of Has Bean Coffee’s involvement in the wider specialty coffee industry, the company have long been involved in coffee competitions, including the UK and World barista championships. These competitions involve presenting engaging and novel drink and service experiences for judges which occasionally lead to needs for bespoke service-ware or materials.

Over the last few years Has Bean Coffee have chosen to use custom bar tops (in wood or Perspex) to be part of the experience, allowing them to communicate ideas more clearly and stand out from the crowd.

In each case Gareth and Makersmith have been able to refine designs and produce the final items, bringing a higher production quality, a better looking final piece and allowing Has Bean Coffee to focus on other elements knowing the project is in good hands.

Dale Harris, Director of Wholesale, Has Bean Coffee: “Makersmith took on delivering exactly what we had envisioned, beyond what we believed was physically possible, allowed us to present at the highest level, and ultimately played a part in us winning the World Championships.

“Gareth worked with us to best understand our needs, then proposed materials or methods that we wouldn’t have considered, but that lowered cost, increased strength, quality and aesthetics and the produced the items to incredibly tight timelines.” Makersmith were initially selected by Has Bean Coffee on their ability to deliver high quality projects in tight timescales. After having once worked with Gareth and having such a positive experience, Makersmith soon became the supplier of choice for additional projects – “each time the approach and final product has been exemplary.

Has Bean Coffee now recommend Makersmith to all their Wholesale clients for their product design/manufacturing needs.

"Having worked with Makersmith on a few occasions I can say that their design expertise and manufacturing capability is excellent. From fine-tuning my design ideas through to delivering a finished product, they make the process painless. Highly recommended."
Jack Barber - North Yorkshire