Four reasons to get us to make what you need - now...

Subcontract laser services, Cnc routing, Bespoke joinery, Sign making, CAD design, Wood design, Product design

You can do more with us

You can use us to design and make what you need, when you need it. Join our clients who have said "delighted", "thrilled" and "superb" - about what what we have done for them...

Your business will grow as you help your clients to realise their ideas and offer them new ideas, products and services.

As an individual you can get things made - and designed - in a clear, straightforward way -all in one place...


You can stand out from the crowd

You can be different, be creative, say 'yes' to your customers, say 'yes' to your own ideas.

You can make things that are unique, better, or just make more of them; you know you can come to us for the answer...


Maker faire supplies, Model making services, Steampunk supplies, Laser art, Cnc router art
Services for model makers, Laser engraving services, CNC router services ,Product design services, Laser cut signs

Your life - made simple...

Your problems can become your opportunities; we're here to help you get your designs and ideas made without hassle and fuss.  We give you a complete service, from design through to making - simple.

So to start living simply, contact us...


Our experience can be your experience, our technology your technology

We're here to be an integral part of what you do.  When you work with us you benefit from our extensive experience in designing and making things; from models to sculptures, parts to products, so that you know your work is in good hands.

You can use our own laser cutting, engraving and CNC routing facility and get as much as much support as you need from our design studio.  This, plus a great network of other specialist partners, means that you can make exactly what you need with us...


Laser cut wood, Laser paper cutting, Cnc routing services, Cnc routing services yorkshire, SolidWorks design
Design and manufacture, Maker faire uk, Model making, Steampunk, Laser cutting services, CNC router servicesmaking your life simpler


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