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You need to prove that your design works; how do you do that?

It’s as straightforward as 1 - 2 - 3.

1 - Visualise it

Well, the best first option is that you can evaluate it virtually with a computer model. These can be built just to evaluate the aesthetic of the product or they can use all the product design data to test how it works - whether under stress or perhaps as a moving mechanism.

This is usually the best option as you can refine the design without incurring the cost and time penalties that come from changing a real physical product. We build your virtual model using SolidWorks 3D software.

2 - Build it

Then you need a physical product to evaluate and someone versatile enough to make it however simple or complex.

We build physical prototypes using the latest technology, from 3D printing to computer controlled machine tools. It maybe that you need a small batch quantity for evaluation, we can do that too.

3 - Test it

Finally your product needs to be tested. There’s a whole range of options depending on your product. You might need to test it against standards for conformity, to load test it, field test it, user test it. You might also need us to build a test rig for life-cycle testing.

Basic testing and rig-building we carry out in-house, but for more complex and certified tests we would put a test project together and manage it fully on your behalf.

Go to our Manufacturing Process page to see how we work with you to manufacture your product.

Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process, it’s where the theoretical design meets reality and is put to the test. We pride ourselves on our versatility and work with a wide range of industry partners to utilise the best component manufacturing technology available.

Our in-house prototype manufacturing processes include:

  • Product assembly and finishing
  • Laser cutting (non-metallic) and engraving of a wide range of materials including:
    • textiles, from silk to felt, some textiles can also be etched
    • cut paper
    • card, including stencil card
    • leather
    • plastics of all sorts including rubbers, foams, composites, stencils & signmaking materials
    • wood, including solid wood and veneers
    • wood composites such as plywood and MDF
    • organic materials including food products
  • CNC Routing and engraving of a range of sheet materials including:
    • Sheet timber materials such as MDF and plywood
    • Plastics – including engineering and signmaking grades
    • Aluminium composites
    • Aluminium composites
    • Carbon fibre

We’re especially aware that prototype manufacture needs to test manufacturing and assembly processes as well as the product itself. That means that when we build your prototypes we use processes that are scalable to meet your expected production quantities. In addition we carefully review processes to ensure that any problems or improvements are captured and fed back into the design to facilitate continuous improvement.
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"Makersmith have been producing projects for me with great precision and good quality over the last three years , delivery is always on time and would recommend them to anybody that’s looking for a first class job."
David Tomlinson - Derbyshire

"Makersmith is one of our most trusted suppliers, not only in terms of level of service, but also for genuine interest in helping us create the best products for our customers."
Clara Asmussen - Blue Phoenix

"Having worked with Makersmith on a few occasions I can say that their design expertise and manufacturing capability is excellent. From fine-tuning my design ideas through to delivering a finished product, they make the process painless. Highly recommended."
Jack Barber - North Yorkshire

If you want us to carry out CNC routing or engraving, or laser cutting or engraving you will need to supply us with information in certain data. Our reference document will guide you through the best way to do this and you can view and download it here.
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