Little….and large

We really enjoy the variety of work that we do, not just in the challenge of solving new design and manufacturing problems each day but also in the scale and range of the applications we have to deal with.

Yesterday was a good example, our workload included the design and manufacture setup for a bariatric toilet seat, a set of parts for a model paddle steamer as well as the creation of a formal Technical Document demonstrating product compliance with a European Standard. (Thankfully we are members of BSI, so that helps…)

CAD Model
The SolidWorks CAD model of the bearing housing

So our work ranges in scale from full size house design to this – the smallest part yet, a bearing housing laser cut and engraved from Perspex:

Perpsex Bearing Housing
The actual bearing housing – sorry about the poor focus…


So whatever the project – how big – or small (or unusual) we can help: