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Gareth Davies, founder of makersmith talks about where it all started – and where it's going...

A fundamental principle for me is that you can't make something properly unless the design is right; you can't design something properly unless you understand how it's made and used.

I started Makersmith out of our design consultancy where, although we were producing great designs we still had to rely on other companies to make or build the end product. Makersmith changes all that as a new start up enterprise that offers manufacturing services supported and reinforced by really flexible design capacity. Clearly we can't make everything ourselves (yet) but we do have some advanced process capacity already (have a look at the rest of our site to see what we can do) and we can and do carry out all final assembly, testing and finishing ourselves.

What is more important for you as our client is that we are very flexible, very creative and are really committed to making the process of getting something made really easy for you.

Someone once said to me “you know when you have the right person working for you when they make your time management better, not worse”. In other words you need someone who can get on with their job and deliver what they promised. I find that it's the same issue with design and with manufacturing; you want a supplier, a designer, a sub-contractor who can take your requirements and deliver what you need in a positive and pro-active way and offer creative answers to your problems. My aim is that makersmith will do that for you.

But why do this – and how can we be so flexible?

Firstly, I believe strongly in empowering businesses to be creative and growing and also that individuals should be able to make – or have made – the things they need.

Small and medium sized businesses don't always have access to the technology and skills that they need to develop – our approach is to provide a place where they can easily access design and manufacturing capacity which will feel like part of their own business.

Secondly, I have experienced the decline in UK manufacturing capacity and capability over the last thirty years and am passionate about ensuring that we are able to make what we need and at the same time provide employment and training. Our intention is that makersmith will grow and build a skilled workforce.

We are flexible as a business because my own experience is very diverse and has given me an insight into a range of industries and a wide range of problems -and their solutions.

I have been involved in design and manufacturing all my working life and began as a mechanical engineering apprentice, working on a factory floor making and assembling products. That was a very formative time, most importantly developing a feel for how products worked, what happened as a consequence of good (and bad) design and how important it was to deliver product of the right quality.

I then followed a career in manufacturing, design and design management in a wide range of industries encompassing mobile machinery, building design, complex structures and bioenergy.

Throughout my career I have been involved in creating practical hands-on solutions to problems in many industries and can now focus on delivering those solutions to our own clients. Being an Incorporated Engineer and a member of the Institution of Engineering Designers reflects the combination of practical experience and professional capability that I bring to makersmith and to all our projects.

So, we are fully equipped, fully trained, highly experienced and ready to design and make what you need – it would be great to hear from you.

Give me a call on 01723 336322 or see our contact page for more ways to get in touch.




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