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Manufacturing Process

You want to make something but aren't quite sure where to start? We will work with you to sort out what to do - just follow the steps below...

We are committed to helping you make what you need, whether it is one simple shape or a complicated product. The best place to start is here, now:

1: Talk to us about what you need

Tell us what you want to make. You can do this by calling us now on 01723 336322 or emailing us at 

The more you can tell us the better the response we can give you, based on our experience, so before you contact us, think about these important factors: 

If you have any information, sketches, drawings or even pictures of similar things then send them to us too, together with your contact details. You can send this information in several ways: By surface mail to: makersmith, Workshop No.2, Farfield, Wykeham, Scarborough, YO13 9QB in print form on CD, DVD or memory stick or other storage device. By email: to as an attachment from cloud based services such as Dropbox. 

If you have a lot of electronic information and don't know how to send it, let us know and we will send you a link to a location on our Dropbox site where you can store it and we can access it. 

We can accept most data formats for graphics and 2D & 3D drawing information. We also accept some specific programs for our process equipment. You can download our reference document here that tells you exactly what we accept: makersmith data formats.

2: We reply to you within 3 working days by email

If we need more information to prepare our proposal we will contact you to find out more. If your work is complex or unusual we will discuss it further with you and may arrange to meet you to ensure we can offer you the best service. 

However you contact us, we will send our Initial Proposal to you within 3 working days by email. 

This Initial Proposal will tell you clearly: 

We will also include a sign-off document for you to complete and return to us so that we can start the work. This helps you and us to be clear about what we are doing

3: You respond to our Initial Proposal

When you want us to proceed with the work detailed in the Initial Proposal you return the relevant sign-off form to us. This ensures that it is clear that you want us to proceed and that we both know what is involved.

4: We send you a pro-forma invoice

Once we receive your sign-off we send you a pro-forma invoice for the first stage of the work detailed in the Initial Proposal. For simple projects this might be the full value of the work if we have agreed to do that.

5: You send us your payment for the first stage of the work

On receipt of your payment we will schedule the work.

6: We carry out the first stage of the work

We will carry out the first stage of the work, usually a design stage. We will then send the design information to you for your sign-off to the next design stage or to manufacture. When we get your sign-off we issue a second pro-forma invoice for the next stage of the work and carry that work out. We repeat this sequence of work, sign-off and pro-forma invoicing until all design and manufacturing stages are complete. We deliver the finished goods to you.

7: You check and sign-off the work as complete

Terms and Conditions of Business

When we carry out work for you it is very important that you agree with our Terms and Conditions of business so that you know what to expect when we work together. They will be provided to you on other documents but you can also read and download them here - Terms and Conditions.