Know Exactly What You Need?


You know exactly what you need to make? That's great, we're here to help you get it made...

Because you have chosen this route we assume you already have some drawings or production information to use. 

(If not, don't worry, just go to our Not Sure Where To Begin page now to find out what to do.)

1: You send us your information

Send us some information so that we can offer you the best response based on our experience, this means as our client that you will get the best response and quote first time:

This information should include (if applicable):

and tell us:

You can send this information in several ways:

By surface mail to: makersmith, Workshop No.2, Farfield, Wykeham, Scarborough, YO13 9QB

By email: to

If you have a lot of electronic information and don't know how to send it, let us know and we will send you a link to a location on our Dropbox site where you can store it and we can access it.

We can accept most data formats for graphics and 2D & 3D drawing information. We also accept some specific programs for our process equipment. You can download our reference document here that tells you exactly what we accept: makersmith data formats.

2: We reply to you within 1 working day by email

We make a quick assessment of your information to make sure that we can help you and that we have all that we need.

If we need more information we will tell you what's missing.

We will also assess how long it will take to provide you with a fixed quotation, this timescale will vary depending on the complexity of your work.

We will tell you when you will receive your quotation.

If we can provide your quotation within 1 working day we will do so.

If your work is complex or unusual we will discuss it with you and may arrange to meet you to ensure we can offer you the best service.

3: We prepare your quotation

We evaluate your information in detail and provide you with a fixed quotation based on the information you have given us.

Our quotation will include elements of design work if we feel that it is necessary to achieve what you need or you have asked for us to carry out some design for you.

We send your quotation within the timescale we have told you.

We also send you a sign-off form to return to us when you want to go ahead with the work.

4: You respond to our quotation

When you want us to proceed with the work detailed in the quotation you return the relevant sign-off form to us.  This ensures that it is clear that you want us to proceed and that we both know what is involved.

5: We send you a pro-forma invoice

Once we receive your sign-off we send you a pro-forma invoice for the full value of the work. Depending upon the value of the project we may agree an alternative staged payment process with you.

6: You send us your payment for the work

7: We carry out your work and deliver it to you

8: You check and sign-off the work as complete

Terms and Conditions of Business

When we carry out work for you it is very important that you agree with our Terms and Conditions of business so that you know what to expect when we work together. They will be provided to you on other documents but you can also read and download them here. Terms and Conditions

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